Signature Kitchen Dossier

What is a kitchen dossier?

A kitchen dossier is a document prepared by an expert in kitchen planning and design.

What is the advantage of acquiring a kitchen dossier?

Kitchen stores and design studios usually have staff dedicated to selling the brands and products they work with, and can limit the customer's expectations.

Independent kitchen designers are usually associated with large groups that offer all the collections of major brands of kitchens, appliances and countertops.

The purchase of a kitchen dossier makes it easier for the client to understand the entire project process, from planning to the selection of materials, without having to leave home.

Initial decisions & Styles

Managing a kitchen project requires a systematic plan to ensure success. Dividing the process into steps helps identify crucial decision-making moments.

Kitchens By Studio prioritizes guiding clients through the process and analyzing their needs to deliver beautiful and functional kitchens that exceed expectations.

They aim to provide exceptional service and create dream kitchens for their clients.

Design & Materials

A preliminary design dossier is essential for choosing the right materials for your final kitchen project.

It includes a complete list of materials, their pros and cons, and their cost, allowing you to make informed decisions. It also includes the services needed for each step of the process, saving you time and money.

Kitchens By Studio dossier is the invaluable tool to achieve the clients' desired result.

Budget & Performance

The dossier is presented in sections:

Furniture Appliances Countertops

Each section has its own specifications and budget.

The global budget includes updated prices with the latest collections and trends.

Our partners are prestigious brands and kitchen German manufacturers.

Customers will be able to choose from the best brands of appliances and countertops.

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