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Kitchen project solutions may vary depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Some common solutions include optimizing storage space, incorporating high-quality technology and appliances, choosing durable and resistant materials, and selecting a design layout that suits the client's lifestyle. In addition, it is important to take into account functionality and aesthetics in the design of any kitchen project.

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Many customers are stressed at the thought of starting a project and there is no shortage of reasons for this. Kitchen space is a vital part of the home and tackling a project without the necessary support can be a nightmare.

Technically it is one of the most complicated rooms to design because all the details are complex and require specific knowledge.

Sometimes customers do not find answers to their questions in kitchen shops or by hiring interior designers because they have a limited range of products.

Questions related to measurements in the plans, technical characteristics of the kitchen furniture, quality of materials, selection of electrical appliances, estimation of budgets, and others, need easy-to-understand answers so that the client enjoys the process and feels involved in his own project.

...I will solve all this in the dossier.

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Kitchen construction materials are particularly important because it can influence the functionality, durability and aesthetics of the kitchen. It is essential to choose materials that are resistant to heat, moisture and abrasion, such as ceramic, granite or stainless steel. In addition, materials should also be easy to clean and maintain to ensure proper kitchen hygiene. Other materials, such as wood and glass, can be used to add warmth and style to the kitchen, but it is important to consider their durability and resistance in this environment.

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How To Purchase My Dossier?


Purchase your kitchen dossier

The purpose of this dossier is to answer all the technical questions related to kitchen design that the client needs to understand before starting any work on their home.

What are the latest trends from kitchen manufacturers?

What materials are the most durable and easy to maintain?

What storage and organisation options are available in designer kitchens?

Can I customize my designer kitchen to suit my needs and personal style?

How can I

make sure my kitchen fits my budget?

How long will my designer kitchen installation take?


Book your call comfortably and without leaving home

This stage of the project is very important, that's why we offer you a free hour video call with the project manager Marian Dominguez.

First of all we will discuss the measurements and the kitchen plan.

We will advise you on the choice of countertop materials and the latest trendings kitchen manufacturers.

We will take note of the appliances you want to have in your kitchen.

Finally we will focus on your estimated budget to have a clear goal from the beginning.

You will be involved and informed during this process for your peace of mind.


We send you all the information in only 10 days

You will then receive by email a complete step-by-step guide including the following:

Kitchen details and combinations. Optional materials for countertops.

Plans, elevations and infographics of the design with all the measurements.

Estimated budget per block of the kitchen furniture, worktop and electrical appliances.

Technical data sheets.

We also offer you the possibility of buying the kitchen we work with a German kitchen group that includes the best brands. We will be with you until the end of the real project.

We can support all the services.


At Kitchens By Studio we have served hundreds of happy families across the country.

Marian Domínguez, designer and founder of the brand, is nationally recognised for producing technical dossiers that allow the client to have all the necessary details of what their kitchen project will be, without having to leave the house.

Each of our projects starts with you.

Do you want to redesign your existing kitchen, or do you need a truly bespoke new kitchen?

We work with you to understand your goals and your ideal vision for your project, to help you make the best decision, based on your budget.

That's how we can deliver maximum customer satisfaction on every project we take on.

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